Our Department

The Department of Biomathematics is one of the basic science programs in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.  The department’s orientation is away from abstract modeling and toward theoretical research in mathematical and computational biology vital to the advancement of current biomedical research frontiers. The doctoral program, now approaching its 40th year, reflects this in requirements for advanced training in biology or a biomedical research specialty and for the mathematical, statistical and computing skills required to contend realistically with complex phenomena encountered in biology and medicine. The art and practice of biomathematical research is developed individually from the first year on. The master’s program adapts to the various needs of researchers desiring supplemental biomathematical training, people preparing to provide methodological support to researchers in biology or medicine, or students pursuing a stepwise approach to graduate training in biomathematics.  We also train clinical scientists in our program leading to the Master of Science in Clinical Research.

The Department of Biomathematics also welcomes undergraduate and graduate students in other majors to its courses in biomedical computing, modeling, and statistics. Premedical majors with mathematical/computer interests can receive early guidance toward an M.D./Ph.D. program in Biomathematics.